News Release

January 15, 2024

NERVTEX Partners with AQS Bio for International License Partner Search and Fund-Raising Assistance

NERVTEX PTE LTD, the Singapore-based leading provider of AI-driven Computer Vision technology, for the clinical movement assessment, has partnered with AQS Bio, a U.S. and Hong Kong-based, leading cross-border global market entry consultancy, for the assistance with the licensing of the product, MoDAS, and company fund-raising services.

“We are very pleased to partner with AQS Bio, having been impressed with their long track record of success, in helping Asian life sciences to enter US market, as well as orchestrating regional and global licensing agreements between Chinese and global life science companies,” says Boya Dong, Founder and CEO of NERVTEX. “We look forward to working closely with AQS Bio, to take our groundbreaking technology global, to provide the healthcare community with an accurate, convenient, quantified tool for patient management, drug discovery and personalized medicine of movement disease disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease.”

The diagnosis of movement disorders primarily relies on observational rating scales, with accuracy hinging on clinicians' experience and expertise. However, Medicare data reveals that 40% of identified Parkinson’s Disease patients never see a neurologist, let alone a movement disorder subspecialist. Additionally, the absence of quantitative tools poses significant challenges for differential diagnosis, especially in the early stage, even for neurologists. Although wearable sensors have been there for decades, they never really roll out due to the nature of the clinical practice. And now computer vision AI has finally brought us the right solution.

“AQS Bio is extremely excited to work with NERVTEX, regarding MoDAS, an innovative, first in class, AI medical device for movement disorders assessment. We view AI as an extremely effective and high growth sector of healthcare, both in patient care and new therapeutics development,” according to AQS Bio CEO, David Pieroni. “We feel MoDAS will have a tremendous impact on early detection and patient care, and that AQS Bio is well positioned to introduce and roll out this breakthrough technology globally.”


NERVTEX is at the vanguard of neurotechnology, driven by a mission to transform global healthcare through innovative AI and VR solutions. Our groundbreaking medical devices, including a VR-based psychiatric treatment for specific phobias and an AI-powered movement dysfunction assessment system, reflect our commitment to advancing healthcare. With a vision rooted in enhancing patient care and expanding the boundaries of medical technology, NERVTEX brings its unique blend of technological and healthcare expertise to a global audience, fostering a new era in healthcare innovation.

About AQS Bio

AQS Bio is a leading cross border market entry consultancy leveraging GxP, Quality,

Regulatory Compliance and Submissions; as well as Partner Search and Licensing expertise.

Successfully operating for over 15 years, AQS Bio assists early to commercial stage life science companies, which need to pass international country regulations, to enter new markets, as well source partners, and assist with deal making and fund raising, to extend their clients’ global footprints.


David Pieroni